Are you planning a boat party?

The perfect boat for your family gathering is the first step towards a memorable maritime celebration and a Buddy Davis boat offers the perfect features for a family friendly occasion.

A boat like the Buddy Davis 70 Sports Fisherman is sure to fit the scale of your event and the comfort of your guests. Roomy enough to provide diverse zones for both entertainment and repose, and a design that minimizes motion to keep seasickness at bay. You’ll find comfortable seating, ample storage for party essentials, and audio-visual systems for entertainment. An air conditioning system with digital controls, carpeted padding throughout, CD/Stereo sound system with flat screen TV and DVD, and recessed lighting are all sure to bring your event to the next level.

If there are families with children on your guest list, we offer features that ensure both the safety and enjoyment of guests of every age. Some essentials include robust safety railings to safeguard against accidental tumbles into the water, swim platforms and ladders to facilitate safe and effortless water access, video equipment for movies to keep kids entertained, protective shade structures, and plenty of accessible restroom facilities.

Our fully equipped galley kitchen makes entertaining a breeze. Featuring a ceramic 2-burner cook top, convection/ microwave oven, corian surface counter tops, over counter task lighting, a stainless steel sink and faucet with removable cover, teak and holly flooring, and under counter and over counter storage, refrigerator and freezer, and more! Whether you are planning a casual open bar or a three-course formal dinner party, no one will leave your party hungry.

So now that you have the right vessel, here are some tips for creating the event of your dreams.

  1. Send out themed boat party invites. This will increase your guest’s anticipation ahead of the big day and let them know what to expect.
  2. Plan out the space. Plan the location of the drinks and snacks and the space for the guests to sit and dance. Proper planning can make a boat party feel more classy and less cramped.
  3. Hire professional servers and crews. Professional boat crews and servers have the necessary training to ensure a safe voyage. They also have experience working at parties and can handle tense situations and can cater to guests’ concerns and requests. This will help ensure a memorable event.
  4. Decorate your space. A theme can make party boat occasions fun and unique. But even without a theme, some fun or elegant decorations will enhance your atmosphere.
  5. Plan out a few games and activities. Sometimes boat parties are all about relaxing, catching up with old friends, and listening to the sounds of nature. But if you’re looking to create a more lively affair, be sure to plan some activities, hire a DJ, or plan some water sports.
  6. Serve up a delicious menu. Charcuterie boards and grazing platters are great options to keep your guests satisfied over the duration of the trip.
  7. Hand out party favors. Consider handing out small gifts as a token of appreciation. This will also ensure your party will be one they’ll never forget!

Ultimately, with a Buddy Davis boat, you’ll have no problem creating an event that reflects your family’s style and vibe, be it a serene evening sail or an exuberant sea festivity.