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Known throughout the world for its legendary ride, the Buddy Davis hull is designed to cut through monster head seas, run on rails in following seas and lie still while drifting in deep troughs waiting for a strike.

What is the Buddy Davis secret?

The bottom, with its deep narrow entry. A Buddy Davis hull never pounds, it slices. With a substantial keel and skeg, it never wanders, it tracks. Proving that sheer beauty can be functional, Buddy Davis’ exquisite flair is not only a work of art, it delivers a dry ride and contributes to buoyancy. When white water is fast approaching, you will continue on, knowing your bow will rise to the occasion.

Back down, throttle up. Turn on a dime. Spin a 180. Land that fish. Whether you’re crossing the canyons or cruising the bays, Buddy Davis will get you there quickly, safely and comfortably.

Beyond the superior ride and handling, Buddy Davis boats are designed to accommodate the hardcore fisherman with built-in fishing amenities from bow to stern, while providing enough top deck space, seating and comfort for the leisure cruiser. Regardless of the Buddy you choose, your journey will go further.

Get onboard a Buddy Davis and discover the ultimate boating experience.

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Pininfarina Collaborates with Sport Fishing Boat Manufacturer Buddy Davis Yachts

Nautical Design Team Develops Contemporary Center Console Designed to Maximize the Fishing Experience and Enhance Passenger Comfort



Max Speed

62 + mph


2400 hp

Guests aboard


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Buddy Davis Universe

Buddy Davis Legacy

44+ Years of Experience

Buddy Davis established in 1976 has over 44 years of experience in the marine and boating industry.

350+ Yachts Delivered

Buddy Davis has successfully delivered more than 350 boats so far including numerous bespoke boat builds.

100% Client Satisfaction

Buddy davis boats comes with a 100% customer satisfaction gurantee with jobs finished to your satisfaction.


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As an industry first, Buddy Davis Yachts is now accepting cryptocurrency as part of its Factory Direct yacht sales program. As part of our roll out of new yachts about to hit the market including but not limited to the new Buddy Davis 52 Express, Pininfarina designed Buddy Davis 46, and Buddy Davis 28 Center Console we are always striving to make the purchase of our yachts as safe & efficient as possible.

Through Coinbase Commerce we are able to transact in a safer and more efficient manner. We are in an industry where it is important to offer flexible payment options which now include the use of cryptocurrencies that are supported on the Coinbase platform. Our customers have shown incredible interest due to the security this payment option has to offer. Since there is limited sensitive financial information being sent over the internet there is less risk of the client’s financial information being compromised or identity theft. Additionally, many of our client’s are internationally based and since crypo is not tied to a financial or government institution, their crypto is available to them anywhere in the world and the transaction can occur at any time without the burdensome restrictions of a traditional currency. Crypot offers customers the flexibility they are looking for when buying a big ticket luxury item: privacy, security & portability are the key concepts that made Buddy Davis inclined to offer this payment method.

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What Client's Say?

A unique layout and design concept features noble materials to accent bright, generous interior volumes.

James White
48 Express Owner