Broker Insight: What’s the Market for Buddy Davis Sportfishing Boats?

“I think that people who actually are looking for a classic Carolina sportfishing boat will find the Buddy Davis to be a more affordable choice than other boats out there. They’re fiberglass and they made a lot of them, and they were all powered mainly with the 8V92 Detroit Diesels so they become very affordable to people who are looking to restore them and bring them back to their former glory. A fully restored Buddy Davis looks as nice today as it did 25 or 30 years ago, whereas 20-year-old boats from other builders look old—they just don’t have any any curb appeal. I had a buddy Davis in the Miami boat show last year for a lot more money that I’m asking for this one now, but it was the most visited boat of the 12 boats we had at the show, and we had an Azimut 116 and a Riva motoryacht. The appeal of that boat is quite astounding. It’s iconic. They’re still building boats today with the big flared bow. Obviously today’s are lighter and faster and more fuel-efficient. I think everybody’s going to want to go fishing, but I believe this boat has gotten to the point where it has become a classic, and it’s not going to go down in value if you preserve it.

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