Fishing is the boat’s focus, and it’s fishing-ready with rod storage, livewell, tackle-storage stations, fish box and wraparound coaming.

Looks aren’t everything, but when classic good looks are married to splendid performance, you’ve got something special indeed. In the mid-Atlantic, they’re familiarly known as Buddy Davis Yachts, a nod to the brand’s originator and respect for the tradition they’ve commanded.

The flared Carolina-style foredeck and sharp bow entry bespeaks its East Coast rough-water origins. Its deep, narrow bow slices through massive head seas, and its keel tracks ahead of following ones. Its agility belies its length. Once offshore, hardcore angling amenities go to work. The Davis 34 CC is the second-smallest of the four-boat center-console series (including an express and a walkaround) and the full Davis line that stretches out to a 70-foot sport-fisherman. It boasts the dramatically flared hull famous for taming huge head seas and riding following seas as if on rails. A 24-degree deep-V hull softens the seas offshore but maintains a modest draft for confidence when returning to inland ports.

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