What size boat is best for your family? It really depends on how you use your boat, how much space you may need in a boat cabin and how much family “togetherness” you may want on board. Safety is also a concern with kids – so the size of your boat (and even style of boat) definitely influences different safety precautions you may need to take when boating.


All Buddy Davis boats have benefits for families with kids; your choice of boat will depend on which advantages are preferable for your lifestyle.

The Davis 28 Center Console, known for its beautiful exterior and comfortable ride, is a great choice for those looking for an open layout with a bit of walk-around space. The ample sitting space provides room for a comfortable ride and adds to the fun experience. The cockpit is also large enough to share the fun with a co-captain. With a boat this size, you really get that family time you are craving, especially if you are the kind of parent that wants to be within arm’s reach of your kids. From a cruising standpoint your kids will feel the wakes much more in a smaller boat – some kids like that, others may not. Most day boaters are looking for a boat that allows them to have fun on the water with the family. This may be just anchoring out for a swim at your favorite cove or going tubing down the river. If so, a smaller sportier boat may be the best boat for you. A smaller boat will allow you to more easily tow an inflatable tube or waterski.

With the 34 Center Console, you get everything that the 28 is famous for, plus more. The center console houses a stand-up head with sink and hand held shower to accommodate you while on your adventure.  Whether you’re sticking to family fun on freshwater lakes, or some serious fishing offshore, the 34 CC will deliver a dry ride and functional space.

The new 42 Center Console features the well proven 28 & 34 center consoles hulls coupled with an all new custom deck and helm.  The 42-center console features a large helm area, complete with head, galley, dinette and berth. So you’re getting more room for the kids to play, more room for storage, and more amenities.  Spacious seating means you have more room to hang out as a family or enjoy a meal. This boat also features sleeping accommodations for two, so you’re kids can lay down for a nap on those longer trips. If you plan on taking your kids on longer trips off shore, then the 42 CC is your best bet.

How you use your boat with your kids should really be the number one influence when you choose the type and size of your boat. Are you a day boater or weekend boater? Do you enjoy going on longer overnight cruises or are your kids more interested in watersports activities?

No matter your style, Buddy Davis has a boat that will suit your needs and create lasting family memories.